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We strongly desire to discover the keys to existence. We are here, why?, for what? Millions of years of evolution and everything always ends with death. We believe that we are controlling our world more and more effectively and that we know it more and more. Moonshine. We do not know anything. Reading the incomparable Borges, the thickness of the border line between literature and philosophy becomes thinner until it almost disappears. Isaac Bashevis Singer. “The world [is] a mixture of a slaughterhouse, a brothel and a madhouse, nothing more.

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Florilegio on the move against the digital tide Absolutely in agreement with this great Polish writer of Jewish origin, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1978. Singer could be b2b leads an excellent exponent of that pessimist (to mention Benetti again) who is only a well-inform optimist. This dark image of the world that the Polish writer gives us in a passage from his extraordinary memoirs, Love and Exile , does not, however, prevent him from showing, in equal measures, a celebratory spirit in the face of the fleeting benefits of life.

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 His life was a permanent battlefield between existential estrangement, the fact of feeling “outside of home” in a world in which the senseless drama of humanity is stag, and the reeming force of love, the life-giving power of intense affections. with which the human being essentially seeks to approach the other. The ition – a very elegant ition – is from 2002, and was publish under the iciones B seal; the quote is on page 366. Emil Cioran. «If a dark universal destiny has decre that you will belong to the News US group of victims, you will march throughout your days trampling on the bit of paradise that you hid within you and the little impetus that appear in your eyes and in your dreams will be spoil by the impurity of time, matter and men.

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