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It Is Urgent to Ask Ourselves the

I read this work, I remember, in the San Marcos library. They had not yet built the horrible building of the rectorate, and one could, in some corner of the reading, in the middle of the most gratifying silence of that library, look up and see through the windows the til esplanade, solitary, immense, and, In the background, if nostalgia doesn’t play tricks on me by falsely persuading me that it was there, that also immense field of crops that extend it. Times that will not return.

Perhaps It Is Our

Jorge Luis Borges. “(…) [B]ecause the machine of the world is too complex for the simplicity of men.” Florilegio on the move against the digital tide I specially sav this quote on a Word sheet, ready to be scribbl out b2b email list when some ideas arriv. Well yes, because of the impact it had on me, I wish, without even thinking about a topic, that that passage by the great Argentine writer would be the epigraph of an article. Well, it didn’t go that far, but at least it’s here, in the middle of a post; modest, but worthy destination.

Lack of Immiate Responses

¬†That passage is found in The Maker , in this case, a text includ in the ition of Borges’ works publish up to 1972, which Emec√© itores prepar in 1974. Page 807 . It’s so simple. Seemingly so simple: it is a subtle invitation News US to reflection. The text that serves as its framework refers to a passage from the first canto of the Divine Comy , but the ideas to which it gives way can go in any direction. And here I am thinking this: man wants to know what “this” is.

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