Profitable businesses by

Central algorithm or Core. Therefore, Algorithm to optimize its operation and provide better results for specific queries. Useful content or Helpful Contents rewarding pages with useful and original content that. Therefore, meets user searches, as well as eliminating useless content from SERPs. Spam policy to improve its compliance and the quality of the content offered to users, thus avoiding bad practices such as doorways (pages to manipulate search results), cloaking (showing different content to users), keyword stuffing, content hacked and more.


What are profitable businesses

Answers, mainly about “what is something” or “how to do something”. The executive email list search engine understood the. Therefore, message, adapted to consumer behavior and created a way to solve these. Therefore, questions quickly: answer boxes or Featured Snippets . When a user asks a question, the Google robot searches for a fragment published on the Internet that shows exactly the answer to their question or the relevant information for their research.


How to create a good profitable business in 10 steps

In this way, the user receives a direct response, without. Therefore, having to visit the website News Us where the fragment has been published. The Featured Snippet is a piece of relevant text that appears at the top of the. Therefore, results page, drawing the reader’s attention. As you can  question, this user may not even visit your page.

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