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Whether you opt for traditional Media Buying or .  Programmatic Buying, the Media .  Buyer will have to take care of: plan advertising campaigns ; negotiate the conditions for the purchase of advertising space; book advertising spaces ; verify the correctness of the advertisements released; monitor campaign performance . All the steps to do Media Buying Before launching an advertising campaign , you need to ask yourself some questions. First, what is the goal of the campaign? More traffic on the site , greater diffusion of the brand, the creation of a community 

By answering these questions

it will be easier to choose the right medium and Israel WhatsApp Number Data create effective advertisements . Create a professional website with our experts! FIND HOW Once the objectives and means have been defined , we move on to designing the campaign. If you use DSP platforms, you enter the details of the campaign (type, creativity, budget, target audience), start it and wait for the results. If, however, a traditional strategy is used , the graphic designer / social media manager /

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Google AdWords expert will

Physically build the campaign (in the case Vietnam Whatsapp Number List of advertisements on press, radio, TV and banners the process will take place according to the directives of the publisher). Once the campaign has been launched, all that remains is to .  Monitor the results to see the feedback it has given. Obviously, in the case of advertising on the web , everything is simpler: you obtain statistics regarding views, comments, shares, and you can track the number of visits to the site or responses to the call to action launched.

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