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The Media Buyer, therefore, is responsible for defining a brand’s advertising campaigns , managing the budget, negotiating with publishers, and optimizing ads for the highest possible return. Nowadays, Media Buying occurs according to . Two methodologies: through direct purchase : publisher and advertiser reach an agreement, with the latter purchasing advertising space . From the former; through Programmatic Buying, and therefore using an automated . Process of buying and selling advertising space which aims to show the user adverts in which they may be interested. Media Buying or Media Planning? Although they are very often confused

 Media Buying and Media Planning are two different things

The first is aimed at obtaining the greatest Iraq WhatsApp Number Data number of impressions, reaching the right audience, the second focuses on the strategy underlying the advertising campaign. During the planning phase , the most effective media for reaching the target audience are decided. Once media planning is completed, the purchase of advertising space follows. The advantages of Programmatic Buying Programmatic Buying ( Programmatic.3

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Advertising  is based on the automation of the

Process of selling and purchasing advertising USA Whatsapp Number List space . Therefore, there is no lonhavior); Demand -Side Platforms (DSP), platforms that companies use to purchase advertising space in an automated way: they therefore make their offers and reach the target they are interested in via DSP; Supply -Side Platforms (SSP), platforms aimed at positioning offers on the media, based on the available space and an analysis of the media themselves.

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