Never buy a product if you are not sure

February Never buy a product Speaking of strategy, are you happy with your marketing strategy? Has it brought the results you wanted? And how do you measure whether a certain marketing channel is really useful for you?  marketing strategy. List all the places and ways you market your own business. Structure them according to whether or not you can do statistics and analyze the results. After that, find out what other options there are to market your own company. Put the new marketing channels and options in the order in which you want to try them. Be open-minded and also list methods that are not traditionally used in your field. However, the goal of marketing is to make you and your company visible and known in the eyes of customers. That’s why it’s worth doing what your competitors aren’t doing.

February is devoted to reviewing the

about it this way:  Does the business plan match what your company’s vision is? Is there something you want to change, add, remove or new data change in your own business?  the relevant information that will help the sale of the company when it is time to give up the company?    Update the business plan actively, but at least once a year. Write down the strategies and remind yourself which strategies work and which don’t work. Keep what works. What doesn’t work is given up.  New entrepreneur: If the business plan is not done yet, focus only on writing it in January. It may be that by working on the business plan for a few days, you can easily complete it.

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January January is a quiet month and many people are still digesting the Christmas food they enjoyed with a good conscience. The willingness to buy is at zero for many customers due to the Christmas gift shopping and discount rush. Even though many people say News US that they start a life change right at the beginning of January, the truth is that the first month is spent lazing around and action is taken in mid-January at the earliest. Take advantage of the quiet time and update your own company’s business plan. At least I recommend reading it through once. In any case, you have developed your own company during the year, so a change has taken place. Now is the time to put those changes in written form as well.

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