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Mouse Stats heatmaps work

Smartlook is preferred over its competitors for providing historical data, visitor types, download and share, device and segment, user privacy and many more similar features.

The tool has quickly become a favorite of a number of companies, and the list includes some of the big names.  also offers easy integration with various platforms and tools like intercom, , , Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Magento, Presta Shop, , WordPress, etc.

Mouse Stats

Is not just a tool. Instead, it sells itself as a set  Albania Phone Number List of heatmaps that helps businesses large and small, namely Stack Exchange and Adidas, to optimize their profile in the best possible way.

Mouse Stats heatmaps come with responsive design support for the different user experiences of each device. In addition to most desktop browsers.   and track on mobile and tablet devices. The generated reports are device-specific and can be implemented to create different models for different types of devices.


Mouse Stats provides Move Heatmaps, Click Heatmaps, Scroll Heatmaps, and Attention Heatmaps. In addition to heat maps, the tool also offers visitor recordings, micro-surveys, and form analytics.


Phone Number List,

tracks user behavior on the website to prepare a News US  data set for website owners that they can use to create a personalized experience. They also record videos of visitors as they interact with the website.

There is no coding involved which makes PTengine super easy and convenient to use. Simple clicks and even easier reports can help you track your website performance without much hassle.

To complete

Every website demands updating and revision due to the dynamic nature of the Internet. You can’t rely on old content to convert today’s users. And there’s no better way to understand user behavior than to be able to see their activity on your .

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