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Conversion funnels allow you

With Inspectlet, learn and see exactly what users are doing on your website and how they feel when interacting with your content. It increases your conversion and helps you understand your mindset and use that to strategize for your business goals.

Inspectlet offers features  Conversion  such

as powerful funnel analysis Conversion  and filtering  Algeria Phone Number List capabilities; You can even view recordings of people adding items to their cart but not proceeding to checkout.  to select a series of pages that lead to a goal, Conversion  track user movement through those pages, and find the exact pain points in the user journey.


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PTengine collects data from all sources and News US  then analyzes your website from all angles. The PTengine report includes an overview of website performance in real time through a number of analytics tools such as funnels, page groups, Conversion  campaigns, traffic sources, and much more.

You can even go deeper into the analysis with the advanced stages provided by the tools. Segment your viewers based on their geographic locations, age group devices, and even create your custom filter.

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Landing Pagesare the first point of contact between potential customers and your brand when they clickon an online ad, email or search engine result.

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