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In this step, you will create a step-by-step map to evaluate and define the best route between where your company is and the destination it wants to reach. With all the actions list, all you will have to do next is define the deadlines for these actions , along with a brief description of how each of them will be carri out. In addition to being a great reference document when you are not sure whether an action helps.

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Hinders, or makes no difference in achieving the objective , it serves as a manual for anyone who will receive a delegat task! Execute the strategies It is at this stage that you will get your hands dirty ! Everything you plann, set a deadline and describ step by step takes shape during execution : Content is produc; Campaigns start running; And all you ne to do is keep an eye out so things don’t go off the rails! If you skip Latest database the goal setting and planning phase , execution will be confusing, expensive and much more likely to go wrong than right — the results will become unprictable.

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On the other hand, if, like a good carpenter, you “measure twice to cut once”, the execution will be fluid — both for you and for the teams involv in this process! Measure results What if, during the execution of the project, the result does not turn out as imagin?! Believe me: this is more common than it News US seems — and it’s part of the game! Planning and executing actions is not a guarantee of success and, for this reason, you ne to closely monitor the results in this measurement phase.

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