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Centennials once upon a time there was a generation falsely addicted to likes

Furthermore, far from what it might seem (given their condition as digital natives), centennials are not obsessed at all with social media (where “likes” matter to them, in fact, rather little) and it does not take away from them. Nor does the dream tie the knot to the most flashy products and brands. These are some of the conclusions of a recent study carried out in the United Kingdom by IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) that tries to unravel the motivations and values ​​of young people between 16 and 23 years old .

According to this report

which brands would do well to look closely at, Generation Z places a lot of importance on mental health and well-being (to which they give Oman Phone Number Data an average priority of 168 points). Family, friends, mental health and well-being, the main priorities of Generation Z Family and friends (171 points) are also a source of concern (in a good way) for centennials, who also long for a job that provides them with a good dose of entertainment (149 points). Having thousands of “likes” on social media is a priority to which centennials give only 8 points. Nor does Generation Z lose sleep over being up to date with the latest trends (15 points).

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Not too susceptible to sheepishness

only 4% of centennials say they follow the fold (and are happy about it ). Young people between 16 and 23 years old assume multiple Turkey Phone Number List identities based on their interests (“foodie”, feminist, etc.). With its sights set on the future, Generation Z seeks stability above all. Not in vain, centennials want to save (130 points) and secure a good job (104 points). 12% of Gen Zers want to plan rather than live day to day. Starting a family is also important for 38% of centennials. 32%, however, have a more hedonistic approach and prefer to party. On the other hand, 60% of members of Generation Z consider that the vast plethora. Options at their disposal makes it difficult (rather than relieved) for them to make decisions.

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