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ClickAdu is one of the best digital advertising networks to maximize the revenue for publishers. They serve over 2.5 billion impressions daily with an active base of 2000 publishers and 15,000 campaigns

In addition, the ad network offers high CPMs based in more than 240 countries with the assurance of a 100% ad fill rate. The most common ad formats they offer are pop-up ads, video, and pre-roll ads. Above all, the ad network is soon going to serve display banner ads also, which could deliver a decent CPM-based model for publishers.

In mind to choose the best ad network: Size of advertiser network

HillTopAds is a cheap ad network for publishers running medium- or high-traffic websites. They are popular for their anti-ad blocker technology to help publishers save the revenue often lost due to ad blockers deployed by users. Their modern yet simple interface is easy for both intermediate and experienced publishers. And the ad network allows publishers to submit more than one website for monetization.

EMX, formerly called bRealTime, is an latest database ad advertising network that caters to both publishers and advertisers. But, what separates EMX from other ad networks is that it offers fixed CPM pricing units. The network is able to monetize publisher inventory across all geographies, especially helping the publishers who focus on traffic from multiple geographies apart from only tier-1 locations like US, UK, Canada, etc. Their Biddr Connect feature helps publishers get advertisers’ demand from a global audience.

Some of the best ad networks include Pop Ads

The choice is wide when it comes to ad networks, which News US means that every publisher can find their ideal solution. Publishers need to take into consideration their requirements and then make a decision regarding an ad network or an assortment of ad networks. This list has solutions for all kinds of publishers, whether they are small-sized, large-sized, or in need of simple services. The right advertising network can help publishers monetize their websites efficiently. We advise them to go through trials for some options before choosing the best ad network. 

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