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Demography User behavior Shopping history

With Mailchimp, you can segment your audience based on a variety of factors:  This allows for more personalized communication and increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts. So if you want to send different emails to customers with recent purchases and inactive customers, you can.

Automated customer journeys Demography User

Mailchimp can automate a series of emails based on user behavior. This will effectively create personalized customer Tunisia Phone Number List  journeys. So when a new subscriber joins a mailing list,  Demography User you can automate a series of welcome emails. Or perhaps set up a series of  if a customer leaves items in the cart without completing the purchase.

Active Campaign provides a CRM for you to manage your leads and customers. You can integrate the CRM with other features, allowing for deep . For example, you can set up automated processes to: Send follow-up emails. Do tasks for the qualification of prospects

Change leads or deals based on the change in the pipeline stage

Phone Number List,

With Active Campaign, you can send News US targeted messages to visitors browsing your website.  For example,  visitor spends a certain amount of time on a specific page without taking any action. You can bring up a chat box to mention the product or offer to resolve visitor queries.

Machine Learning Predictions


Active Campaign can predict how likely users are to take actions based on machine learning. You these predictions to send targeted campaigns to those users.

For example, you can implement high-priority activities for leads that are more likely to convert. Or, offer promotional offers to potential customers who are less likely to convert.

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