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Spanish consumers, increasingly open to digitalization in their daily lives

Consumers are increasingly open to digitizing their daily activity in areas such as health and well-being, automotive or personal finance , according to the Global Consumer Insights 2019 report , prepared by PwC. The survey, carried out with more than 21,000 consumers in 27 countries (1,000 in Spain), reveals that 66% of those interviewed, both in Spain and in the rest of the world, are willing to access health-related services through companies outside the sector , such as Amazon, Apple or Facebook. For example, 78% of Spanish consumers say they would feel “comfortable or very comfortable” using these companies to visit a doctor in a clinic, access health insurance (77%) or undergo diagnostic tests, such as blood tests. blood, genetic tests or x-rays (71%).

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Although information and to health and well-being are very sensitive for consumers, the document shows that they prefer to sacrifice Belgium Phone Number Data some privacy in favor of personalization and convenience . In fact, 74% of the consumers interviewed would have no problem bringing together all their health information in one place. The report considers that the use of digital channels in the health sector has enormous future potential , but reflects that today they are still underdeveloped. In Spain, for example, only 31% of those surveyed have medical applications or applications related to health, well-being or fitness on their mobile devices (smartphone, tablets or smartwatches).

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Although those who use them usually do so intensively: 47% haveĀ  of this type. But, what do Spanish consumers use these types USA Phone Number List of apps for? 42% to close appointments or medical prescriptions ; 39% to control sleep, 38% to perform and monitor physical exercise and 36% to control diet and nutrition-related issues. The results of the Global Insights Survey 2019 reveal that consumers are eager to experience new products and services with a high digital and technological component also in sectors such as automobiles, finance or entertainment. A good example is the automotive sector: 50% of Spanish consumers.

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