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You get an idea of ​​the new followers

Each of these pages shows the top cities and countries your audience comes from. For reached accounts , these are the unique accounts you communicate with for the first time.

Whereas for compromise daccounts , you are looking at the audience that has been interacting with your audience. As for total followers ,  and which cities/countries they belong to.

You can also track this metric for individual posts and see which post works for which audience.

See story insights

When it comes to stories, you can also see Insights for each story in addition to the analytics overview on th account hit and one account compromised. Click on a story and clik th Insights tab. You can see an Chinese UK Phone Number List overview of the accounts reached, the accounts invlved, and the profile activity for each story. You can also see a unique metric, Navigation, for your stories. It will let you know how many accounts moved on to the next story, left their stories, or came back.

See if your post appeared on the Explore page

Special Database

Did you know that you can also track how the audience News US reached found your post? Althouh currently only avaiable for posts, you can see how many accounts found your post in your Home eed.

You can also see how many found it from your Explore page. This is a good way to find out if your post was picked up by Instagram’s Explore page.

Additionally, this metric also shows you how many accounts found this post when they visited your profile.

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