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According to these articles of law, the statute of limitations for a debt lawsuit is 5 years. In labor receivables, the statute of limitations is 5 years in accordance with the provision of Article 32 of the Labor Law. However, there is an exception here. Receivables of workers whose employment contracts terminated before 25.10.2017 are subject to a 10-year statute of limitations.

How Many Years Does a Credit Case Last

The duration of the receivables lawsuit filed to Brazil Telegram Number Data collect the debt will vary depending on the event. Here, the type of debt and the court in which the claim will be heard are important. In addition, being represented by a lawyer will also affect the duration of the case. Generally, if the case is heard in the labor court, it will be concluded within 7 to 9 months. It takes up to 1 year for cases heard in the Civil Court of First Instance to be concluded. In consumer and commercial courts, the process may take a little longer.

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How to Prove a Claim Claim? Proof methods

Are of great importance in a debt Brazil Email List lawsuit. The evidence that will ensure that the case is concluded in favor of the creditor can be listed as follows. Official documents such as promissory notes, contracts signed between the creditor and the debtor, witnesses and other documents. It is critical that the concrete incident be described in plain language and clearly in the petition.

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