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Situations that terminate the contract can be listed as follows; Care Until Death Contract, Death of the Care Creditor, Cancellation Agreement, Cancellation of the Contract to Care Until Death Due to Defect of Will , Termination and Donme. When does title deed transfer occur in a ’till death care contract’? If the contract is made in the land registry, the conclusion of the contract and the transfer of the title deed occur simultaneously. Additionally, the contract can be made at a notary or a magistrate’s office. In this case, the property right will not automatically transfer as soon as the contract is concluded. The transfer must be made by the parties at the land registry office.

Clearly, the place where the care until

Death contract is made affects when the transfer will UK Telegram Number Data occur. Can a Care Until Death Agreement be Cancelled by Third Parties? The rights of third parties may be violated by this agreement. In this case, a lawsuit must be filed to annul the contract of care until death . According to article 615 of the Turkish Code of Obligations; “If the care creditor loses his right to fulfill his obligations towards the people to whom he is obliged to provide alimony according to the law due to the contract of care until death, those who are deprived of this may request the cancellation of the contract.”

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It is seen that a regulation has been made

Here that protects the rights of the alimony Qatar Phone Number List creditor. In the care until death contract, the care creditor makes a disposition on the assets. Thus, the creditors of the maintenance creditor may be in a difficult situation. In this case, the legislature provides a lawsuit opportunity to protect creditors. This lawsuit, which can be filed by the creditors against the maintenance creditor, is a lawsuit for cancellation of disposition.

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