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Whitehaven at Pasir Panjang

Reels , 60-second videos to which others can be added thanks to the tool called Remix . These videos are the daily bread of the many content creators who flock to the platform and are inspired by the success of TikTok , the app which built its success . Thanks to short videos. However, Mark . Zuckerberg has many tricks up his sleeve, also designed for advertisers and he will . SAoon be able to monetize from clips , which can already be shared from his profile and in groups.

To insert Reels on Facebook, just open the app and tap on the

Reel” icon found in the header of Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data the interface, under the space to write your status. You can record live video using your smartphone’s camera or upload an existing one. You can then add many effects: subtitles, filters, music and sounds. Once finished, just select the “Share” item, fill in the description and set the privacy of the video, choosing the audience.

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Do you manage your Online Presence 

Search engines, sites and social media from a France Telegram Number single point FIND HOW Manage your digital presence From a single point FIND HOW How to leverage Facebook Reels for your business Meta has already announced that in the coming weeks it will introduce solutions to monetize thanks to clips , such as the possibility of inserting banners and ads between one video and another. But Reels are a very powerful tool for branding . Many companies and influencers already use them on Instagram successfully.

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