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While Facebook Live isn’t typical podcast tool

Their monetization model is also unique. Anchor will match you with a brand that wants to sponsor their show. You can then record an audio ad that your sponsor will play on your digital assets. You get paid every time your ad is heard!
Alternatively, you can even add a button for donations to your podcast site.
Price: Free
Facebook Live

Live recording sessions While Facebook

If you’ve built an impressive audience for your El-Salvador Phone Number List  podcast and want to go the extra mile, you can have live sessions with them on . This will allow your most enthusiastic followers to listen to your podcast while you record, even parts that you can edit later.

You can stream directly from your While Facebook  Android/iOS phone or webcam and automatically upload to your company’s Facebook page. When you start a live broadcast, you can ask them questions directly, them part of the episode.
, it will help you incorporate listener interaction into your and grow your reputation as a social media influencer.
Squad cast
Online Interview Solution

As many podcast interviews are now conducted remotely,

Phone Number List,

And be sure you’re getting a high-quality  News US  recording. When you’re ready to conduct the interview, your invitee (for example, an influencer) must click a unique link to join meeting (how it’s done on Zoom) using any internet browser. Google Chrome works best with Squad cast.
The podcast tool will then your guest’s audio to a separate track, making it easier for you to edit when you’re doing the final mix. If there are multiple guests, Squad cast will record their audios separately, so you’ll always get the best possible quality.
A Squad cast session can accommodate four people, that is, a host and three guests.

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