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What they like and what they ignore

Plerdy has been receiving positive reviews since its inception in the heatmap industry vertical.

Clarity by What they  Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the pioneers in personal  South Korea Phone Number List computers and has made fantastic achievements in the digital space, making life easier for all of us.  is another attempt to enable website owners to create a more personalized and interactive user experience. It’s free, easy to set up, and uses a tool that captures  What they  how real people use your website.

With Clarity in your arsenal, you’ll be able to generate instant heatmaps for every page on your website and know where users are clicking, . Clarity generates powerful insights with the help of elements like dead clicks, rage clicks, and excessive scrolling, turning problems into opportunities.

Clarity’s services viz Heat maps

Phone Number List,

session recordings, statistics and easy connection News US  to Google Analytics help identify weak spots on the website like never before. Clarity users can now locate places of user frustration, product bugs that can hurt the entire user experience, and potential issues with specific user groups.

Since Google Analytics is the universal analytics tool used by bloggers and other businesses to check user behavior on the website.  Clarity offers easy and seamless integration with Google Analytics. to provide a richer experience.

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