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Unavailable Content Rejects Audiences


Create your content with the company’s marketing strategy in mind, stay on course and keep moving forward.

This will make it easier for potential customers to understand your company’s mission. This will make it easier to establish relationships with customers who will see that their needs are in line with your offer.

You can’t offer everything to everyone so don’t try

There are 4 to 7 million people with disabilities in Poland . Reaching this important market requires more than just creating content around topics they are interested in.

When preparing your marketing content, you must remember that it may be viewed by users on different readers.

This requires you:

  • Add accurate, alternative text to images.
  • Adjusting the color palette of your project to visually impaired users.
  • Provide alternative text for all links.
  • Creating friendly contact forms.

Also, don’t forget that each marketing persona consumes content differently.

Prepare your content in various forms. It can be, for example, a video, podcast or infographic.

Repetition of Content Annoys Users

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The content you create should be consistent with the customer journey , i.e. the shopping journey of your potential customer.

If you create too much content that discusses the same topic in the same way, you can blur the topic for your audience.

In many traditional media, the rule is that the latest information is at the beginning of the article, and 75% of the rest of the content is the so-called. background, which is a summary of everything that is known about the topic.

If you don’t want to piss off your audience, don’t repeat this rule online.

Instead, answer these questions:

  • What content should they consume first?
  • Which content is most important?
  • What path should users follow between content?

Repeating the same marketing content not only annoys visitors, but also confuses search engines.

You also don’t want your own content competi that News US fong in Google search results.

Be a guide for your website visitors and help them find only the content they are actually looking for.

Thanks to this, you will significantly shorten their path from being a stranger to a satisfied customer of your company.

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