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Tips For Boards in Need of a Condo Reserve Study

In addition, it is also possible to refer to discovery. Witness statements, oaths and any other evidence obtained in accordance with the law. How to Prove Ecrimisil? For the party alleging ecrimisil, the following must be proven with legal evidence: Proving the bad faith of.  Wrongful possession, Which part of the immovable property is occupied by unfair occupation, Proof of damage caused by use, the cause of the damage and occupation period.

The defendant must prove that its use is, in fact, legitimate and

Lawful. If the defendant finds the amount of Mexico Telegram Number Data remuneration exorbitant, he is obliged to prove this claim. When is Ecrimisil written down? If the ecrimisil payments are accepted as rent payments.  They can be written off as an expense in determining the corporate income. However, if the compensation fee is defined as a compensation payment arising from the fault of the relevant institution, it will not be possible to show it as an expense. Against Whom Should the Ecrimisl Case Be Filed? The defendant in the Ecrimisil case is the occupier of the property subject to wrongful possession. If the unfair occupation is carried out by more than one person A

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ll of the possessors can be shown as defendants

So what; The plaintiff may file this  lawsuit against only Cambodia Phone Number List one of the wrongful possessors, or against all the possessors. What to Do in Case of Non-Payment of Ecrimisil? If the penalty is not paid, the creditor party will apply for enforcement proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Execution and Bankruptcy Law. Thus, it will be able to collect its receivables by force through compulsory enforcement institutions. In terms of Treasury and Foundations, collection will be made in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6183. Accordingly, “From the expiry date of the lease, if the occupation continues, if there is a provision in the contract, action will be taken accordingly.

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