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Thomson Thre  Above all, find interesting ways to convince your customers to leave you their reviews or to produce content that can testify to the benefits they have obtained from using your products or services. The so-called User Generated Content (UGC), or user-generated content, is in fact a powerful source of social proof and an incredibly effective means of persuading new leads to turn into customers. Offering a starring role to your existing customers will also make them feel part of your project, helping to build their loyalty and become ambassadors for your brand .

Thomson Thre Organize contests: efficient source of leads Social

Media also offers the opportunity to hos  Netherlands Phone Number Data quizzes and contests, a great way to engage followers and capture leads with social media . Although they are exciting and bear concrete fruit, contests are not very easy to create on IG, as there is a stringent regulation in this regard in Italy , established by the Ministry of Economic Development. Strictly respecting all parts of the law that regulates contests on social media is important to avoid incurring unnecessary and costly sanctions. However, once you have outlined the main guidelines in this regard and made your contest compliant, you will realize how this method of interaction is incredibly fruitful in terms of collecting contacts and increasing engagement. Use coupons and special offers

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Using urgency is another great way to stimulate your

Followers to take certain actions on your New Zealand Phone Number List Instagram profile. An example? Offer them confidential special offers, coupons and discounts with a short deadline, which they can take advantage of by providing their contact details. Time-limited offers create a strong desire not to be excluded from the opportunity offered, and are statistically very successful.

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