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Approximately 65 million euros are expected to be allocated to various missions, among these the technological transition stands out. The Public Administration will have the leading role in this process. Alessandro Perego, Scientific Manager of the Therefore,  Digital Agenda Observatory, confirmed that the PNRR offers the necessary resources, but it is necessary Therefore,  to direct them in a targeted way for them to be truly effective: “In fact, we need to link the Therefore,  PNRR with the other strategic plans, the Therefore,  resources foreseen with the other available for digital transformation, the center with the territories, the short-term needs with the long-term ones”.

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FIND HOW He added that the PA will Qatar WhatsApp Number Data certainly have to collaborate with local businesses and encourage citizens to use digital resources and tools to access data and manage practices. Cooperation between social actors proves to be strategic and fundamental. Digitalisation: differences between regions Throughout the country, digital is distributed heterogeneously.

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The Observatory confirms this with a

DESI focused on Italian regions and Therefore,  autonomous Japan Telegram Number provinces. The average obtained by the Italian territories is 50. The Autonomous Province of Trento stands out in first place with regards to digital growth with 57.5. Lombardy follows with 56.2 points. In third place we find the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (56.1). The southern regions are below the Italian average.

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