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The Glades at Tanah Merah New Launch

As explained in the press release, the credit.  Line was created to finance investment projects that .  Can last up to five years and to .  Cover the need for working capital , considering that the .  Entrepreneurial fabric is experiencing a particularly difficult moment. The loans will be granted to all Italian companies active and operating in the most .  Disparate production sectors, from craftsmanship to agriculture, up to industry, commerce, tourism and services. Save time and customers with Italiaonline’s digital offer FIND HOW Characteristics of the projects The fund is therefore that of the EIB , while the selection of projects and management of the financing is entrusted to Unicredit .

The resources can be used for projects with

A maximum value of 25 million euros and  Korea Phone Number Data can cover the entire financing for an amount of less than 12.5 million euros for the single project. Exclusively, EIB and Unicredit have agreed that it .  Will be possible to finance the working capital requirement.  Including tax burdens, social security contributions, salaries.  Ddministrative costs and other expenses.

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However, real estate or financial

transactions are excluded from financing. EIB and Iran Phone Number List Unicredit agreement: commitment to Italian SMEs This agreement is the latest in a long list of similar measures dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises, MIDCAP and agricultural companies. In the last five years, the EIB funds that Unicredit has allocated to Italian companies are around 5 billion and have given rise to around 4,000 financed projects.

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