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The Britt Condos

This responsibility arises in two ways: Leaving the house before the end of the rental .  Period specified in the rental agreement .  Leaving the rented house outside the termination period specified in the contract. In these cases, the tenant who leaves the house until a reasonable time when the lessor can rent the house again is obliged to pay the rent. This reasonable period can be agreed upon in the contract. On the other hand, the reasonable period can be determined by a common agreement between the lessor and the tenant. If these conditions do not exist, a reasonable period of time willWhat is Ecrimisil? Ecrimisil is the occupation compensation that must be paid due to the unfair use of a real estate. In order to request extra pay, a lawsuit for extra pay must be filed.

What does Ecrimisil mean? If an item is used by a malicious

Wrongful possessor without the approval and Laos Telegram Number Data consent of the real rightful owner, the compensation that must be paid to the rightful owner is called ecrimisil . In practice, occupation compensation is requested by filing an ex-gratia lawsuit for immovable properties . What is Ecrimisil Case? Ecrimisil case ; It is a type of compensation lawsuit that the non-possessor can file against the non-owner. In other words, the owner of a real estate can file a legal action against the person using the real estate. Who is Paid for the Ecrimisil Fee? Ecrimisil fee is paid to individuals, foundations and the treasury who have real or personal rights in the real estate.

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In addition, municipalities are included in the treasury

Within the scope of the law and may be creditors Australia Phone Number List of the premium payment. In practice, the person who owns the real estate is usually the creditor of the payment, but the subject of the lawsuit is the real estate. How much is the Ecrimisil Cost? The question of how the Ecrimisil fee is calculated is different whether the creditor is a treasury or a real or legal entity. Immovable Property Fee .  Belonging to Real or Legal .  Persons For real persons or legal entities, the basis for calculating remuneration is determined according to the rent. If the place that is used unfairly is rented out, the amount of income that can be obtained is the same as the remuneration fee.

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