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Startup Award: the prize for innovative companies

Startups today represent an important strategic lever for Italy’s growth and . Recovery from the health and economic emergency . Therefore, In fact, despite the crisis and indeed in spite of it, the innovative realities spread throughout the country have . Demonstrated that they can react and survive, Therefore, proposing solutions for the entire community. The Startup Award , which takes place as part of the Festival of the Future , was created precisely to celebrate this type of company, facilitate meetings with investors and promote innovation in Italy and

Europe finalist startups will

be selected and will be able to participate Oman Phone Number Data in the final of the Award at the Future Arena of Experience . The Future , which will take place from 19 to 21 November 2020 at the Verona Fair. The winner will have a program . Therefore,  Of services to grow and mature worth 15 thousand euros . Therefore, This is an important opportunity for all young .  Companies who wish to get involved by proposing their own project. Objectives of the Startup Award Who can participate in the Startup Award How to apply for the Startup

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Award Objectives of the

Startup Award The Startup . Award is one Canada Phone Number List of the long-awaited awards desigeeds. Save time and customers with Italiaonline’s digital offer .  Therefore, FIND HOW Finally, participating companies must be registered with the  out the appropriate form. When applying, it is necessary to profile the company and send a business project.

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