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You can also use Analisa

With a presence in over 57 countrie the first AI-powered analytics tool for Instagram and TikTok. Use it to analyze any hashtag or public profile or measure the success of a campaign.

Also, use it to benchmark influencer performance against competitor analysis. Or understand follower demographics and increase authentic interactions, get detailed data for custom time periods.


for content optimization by analyzing Chinese Singapore Phone Number List captions, performance, and hashtags for live posts. While the basic program is free to use, it is only limited to recent posts and has a daily limt.

With Pro, Plus, and Premium paid plans, you can unlock advanced analytics access for hashtag tracking and post tracking. Premium plans also give you access to personal account managers and custom data reports on demand.

Make data-driven decisions with Instagram Insights

Special Database

Now that you know how Instagram Insights can News US help you understand general trends and better understand your target audience, it’s time to use it to your advantage. Track your insights for each individual post, reel, and story, and sit down with your Account Summary once a week. Create marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience from the data you have access to.