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How to Use Instagram Insights Metrics for Growth?

The overview will show you an increase or decrease in these three valuable metrics:Accounts reached compromised accounts total followers

You can also tap into each of these metrics and get a big picture of where your audience is from (cit country), their age, and gender demographics.

The overview also gives you access to the breakdown of followers and unfollowers. You can also take a look at the top performing Reels, Posts, and Stories with saves, shares, replies, likes, and comments for each of them.

Content you shared

If you want to see metrics for each of your Chinese American Phone Number List individual posts, stories, or Reels, you can do so below each post.

See the number of shares, saves, comments, and likes you receive. Plus, get access to the total number of accounts your post reaches. And get a break of followers and unfollowers too.


Special Database

If you’re running  on your Instagram, you can News US  also track your performance for each post you’ve boosted.

is easy when you know the right metrics, where to find them