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Methods of Teaching Children Using the Teaching

When we teach children or students, two things will happen:

Whether they will be interested..

.. or they don’t concentrate at all.

Actually, one of the methods to teach children to learn effectively is to use the learning cycle .

Research1prove that this technique is an effective method of teaching.

In this method, there are four steps:

method of teaching young children

1. Attract attention
The first step is to signal the child to be ready to learn.

This is necessary because we have to draw their attention to what we want to teach

Without attention and focus, they will not focus on what is being taught.

Therefore, get the child’s attention first Database by showing them something related to what he will learn later.

If she’s going to be learning about moths that day, then a book or pictures about moths would probably be good material.

You can also show and explain about the materials that your child will use.

For example; if he is going to learn about angles, show him a protractor and explain to him what it is and how to use it.

Another way is to give your child an object to play with.

If you want to teach him about shapes, then let him play with block games like lego.

When he is done playing, you can go to the next step which is teaching.

Once you get their attention, then you can give instructions by explaining the task to be given.

Your student needs to understand what you want him to learn or do.

Give a clear explanation.

Instead of telling in a directive style tone it is better to explain and show a demo if necessary


Remember, if the students are not focused on News US what you are teaching, then stop

There is no point in continuing the lesson if the students are no longer interested because we no longer have their attention.

So try to keep their focus as long as possible.

3. Implementation process
After giving instructions to the students, give them time to implement.

In this phase, you can give encouragement such as words of encouragement ” Ayuh Fakrul! You can do! ”

When they ask questions or make comments, don’t ignore them. Give the appropriate response .

Studies show that when we respond to students’ or children’s questions, it will help them to learn.

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What Do I Need to Open a Bank Account in Portugal

Any foreigner can open a bank account in portugal. Regardless of whether they are a resident or not. To open a non-resident account. More documentation is likely to be required, and you may have more limitations compared to resident accounts.But it is a good option when you do not yet have an address in portugal.

Which ever option you choose

the first step is to get your portuguese nif issued by the portuguese tax administration. And an essential to move to live in portugal. You will need this number to pay taxes. Contract a telephone line and, of course, to open a bank account. To obtain your nif, go to your local tax administration office with your passport and proof of address.

Once you have obtained your portuguese nif. You can now open a bank account in the country. Of course, to do so you must be of legal age. And be 18 years or older. That being said, some Database banks offer junior bank accounts for minors. While a junior account .May be in your name, you’ll need a parent or guardian to be with you as legal account holder until you turn 18.

And now you will ask yourself. What documents do I need to open my portuguese bank account? Here is a list of the essential documents to open your account beyond the nif:

Nif : if you are going to open a bank account for non-residents, go to the branch with proof of your address abroad. It is recommended that you take with you several different documents for each category if possible, for example. A bill for a public service and a communication sent by a public body so as not to run any risk.

Valid photo identification


Proof of address : a public service bill that justifies that you are living in that home, such as the electricity or water bill.
Proof of employment . A pay stub or a News US copy of your employment contract.
When you have finally chosen your favorite bank. And have gathered the documents that we mentioned above, you are about to open your account. And the next steps are quite simple. Most banks also work in english, but just in case, we recommend that you call ahead to make sure someone will be able to assist you in english.