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Stevens Suites at District 10 Singapore

 It goes without saying that using Google Analytics helps to prove how much social media is actually bringing to a website (and therefore to a business). In particular, it allows you to identify the social platforms that bring the most traffic, to calculate the ROI (Return On Investment) of the campaigns and to discover which contents work best. Once you have this data, it is easier to obtain appreciable results from your social media campaigns. Create a Google Analytics account

The first thing to do is create an account on

Google Analytics: connected to the click on “Start for free”; configure Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data Google Analytics: in the Account column click on “Create account”, decide on a name and configure data sharing settings; click on “Next”. At this point, you will need to add a Property (you can enter up to 100) by entering the site or business name, time zone and currency. By clicking on “Create” you will have created your property and you can, if you wish, enter further details about your business. In the bottom left corner of your Google Analytics dashboard , click

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Admin. Select the account

Nd property you are looking for Turkey Whatsapp Number List and, in the “Property” column, click on “Tracking information”: in this way you will have obtained a unique and personal ID, valid only for your website. Install Tag Manager The second step, to connect Google Analytics to social networks , is to install Tag Manager. To do this you need: connect to; click on “Account” and then on “Create account”; enter a name for the account and a descriptive name for the container; select the content type: Web, AMP, Android or iOS; click “Create”.

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