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Stabilization bonus Enterprise 4.0 here is the key to recovery

The Senate Industry Commission has underlined the importance of making some important provisions structural in favor of Enterprise 4.0. Here are the details Published on 07 October 2020 .  Alt text The Senate Industry .  Commission has highlighted the need to make the extraordinary incentives structural, also aimed at the development of the Enterprise 4.0 .  Programme . The group is in fact working on the evaluation document of the Recovery .  Fund created by the Budget Commission and has expressed its opinion on the country’s industrial policy. During the meeting, several interesting ideas emerged designed to ensure continuous and constant growth of Italian SMEs .

In addition to making bonuses structural

The Commission has asked that financing from  Korea Phone Number Data the Guarantee Fund and incentives for startups and innovative SMEs become priorities. On the table, in fact, there is the growth of many young but full of potential companies. In recent days the Government is discussing the same issues and is outlining the strategy to be adopted in the future for the development of Italian businesses and startups. Business Bonus 4.0: the recommendations of the Industry

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Commission Attention to sustainability

The future of Enterprise 4.0 in Italy Italy Phone Number Business Bonus 4.0: the recommendations of the Industry Commission “We need a multi-year stabilization of the Enterprise 4.0 vouchers and the Superbonus , tools that have given particular impetus to the productivity and growth of Italian companies”. With this recommendation. The 10th Senate Commission decided to specify the measures to focus on to implement the Enterprise 4.0 Programme , which provides for the increasingly profound and effective integration of new technologies into the production processes and organization of Italian companies.

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