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Skyline Residences Singapore

Furthermore, although there are three lessons, it is possible to participate in just one meeting. All appointments will take place online via the Zoom Cloud Meetings platform . Save time and customers with Italiaonline’s digital offer FIND HOW Course modules: what are the topics covered? As mentioned, three webinars are scheduled for three hours each , which will be held live from 2.30pm to 5.30pm and will . Provide all participants with various skills and notions useful for designing a . Business idea and starting a company.

The first appointment is for Thursday 

October 2020 with the lesson ” Analysis of the Singapore Phone Number Data Entrepreneurial Idea “. Participants will learn to analyze their own project, evaluating strengths and critical points. Furthermore, they will be able to.  Learn methods and tools to define their customers and work on the identified business model. Finally, they will be able to understand what are the best ways to collect information related to the potential of their idea. eeds, analysis of the market context; the . Importance of having a positioning and making the brand recognisable, as well as the use of digital to build a widespread and effective strategy. The last lesson ” Economic-financial feasibility

Phone Number Data

is scheduled for Thursday 8 October 2020

We will talk about solutions for predicting Switzerland Phone Number List the economic result of your business and the useful financial means, but also about the requirements to have to start the company, the existing legal forms and the existing incentives for startups . Starting your own business: how to . Register and participate Registration for each webinar  . Can be done from the Bergamo Sviluppo website and expires the day before the event date. For information you can contact the representative Francesca Raso on the telephone number +39 035 3888011 or via e-mail by writing to [email protected] .

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