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Share the recording with your team

These ideas are particularly useful for most webmasters, especially for a high-risk project. Session recording gives you metrics to work on to improve the user experience, analyze their exit behavior, and optimize conversion rates.
In the absence of such sophistication, you can’t determine what isn’t working for your users and is dragging down growth.

From my personal Share the  experience with Microsoft Clarity

I can attest that session recording tools are one of the Malaysia Phone Number Lis  best for in-depth visitor analysis. Ultimately, webmasters designate such tools to understand the pain points of their audience and improve afterwards.
Here is the list of services to, Share the  help you with that. Most of them have a FREE plan, so you can try to see what works for you.
helps you with real-time session recording so you can see what users see on your website

You have the option of recording each page or a particular page.

Phone Number List,

Registering a specific page will be useful if your focus is News US to optimize the landing page, product and price.
Hotjar allows you to configure if you want to record a session longer than 30 seconds with some of the following features.
• Label the video recording
• Take notes while observing user actions
• Filter / search recording as page contains, leave page, start with,
You can get in action on your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, LightCMS, , Magento, etc., with just one script.

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