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Seven Crescent Singapore

 You can use this tool to redirect your followers to specific landing pages where they can download freebies or ebooks, sign up for webinars, leave their email to be subscribed to your newsletter and much more. Obtaining user contact data is the key to then cultivating profitable company-customer relationships and optimizing conversions. Use links in bio, polls and DMs If your Instagram profile is new and you still have few followers, Swipe Up is not available, but there are other ways to establish a more direct relationship with your potential customers and create a high-performance lead generation campaign .

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Combinations offered by stories, DMs and  links in bio Mexico Phone Number Data to get in touch with followers. For example, you can use stories to inform your followers of the presence on your site.  Of an interesting ebook that they can download by following the link you leave them in your bio . Again through the functions present in stories such as polls or questions, you can ask your audience to let you know if they are interested in a report or freebie that you have prepared for them, which you will then make downloadable via a link in direct messages (DM), which will always link to a website or a specifically created landing page .

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Base perfectly in line with your business Mexico Phone Number List objectives, these methods will certainly lead to a positive response. Leverage UGC and the power of testimonials It is well known.  That word of mouth is one of the most powerful .  Marketing levers, both in the offline and online world. It is therefore clear how reviews.  Testimonials, opinions and positive feedback from .  Your satisfied customers can have a huge impact on your ability to convert new followers into paying customers. Collect them, select them, publish them and make them available online both on your website and on your Instagram profile.

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