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Therefore, However, the canceled disposition does not have any effect on the creditor who filed and won the annulment lawsuit. The creditor who wins the annulment case may request the seizure and sale of the property in question, as if it were the property of the debtor. Therefore, The price of the property seized and sold in favor of the plaintiff Therefore, creditor is first allocated to the payment of the plaintiff’s receivable. If the remaining money remains, this money is given back to the 3rd defendant.

The third party defendant who loses the annulment case may claim

Back from the debtor the thing or price he gave to the Spain Telegram Number Data debtor in return for the canceled transaction made with the debtor. Therefore, Upon the decision to accept the annulment case in bankruptcy, the property in question is taken to the bankruptcy estate as if it belonged to the bankrupt and sold by the bankruptcy office. The sale price is allocated to the payment of all bankruptcy receivables. How to Dismiss the Cancellation of Savings Case? In the Execution and Bankruptcy

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Law, the action for annulment of disposition is subject to

The limitation period , not the statute Italy Phone Number List of limitations. According to Article 284 of the EBL, the annulment case expires after 5 years have passed from the date of disposition. Therefore, it is mandatory to file an annulment lawsuit .Within 5 years from the date of disposition. Otherwise, it will not be possible to file a lawsuit for cancellation of the disposition. EIC m. 278 and m. The two and one year periods stipulated in.  Article 279 are the periods during which the savings are subject to cancellation.

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