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Custom permissions and approval workflows. And comprehensive compliance solutions. Plus. Hootsuite is compliant with industry regulations. Including and mifid ii requirements. Book a free hootsuite demo today. Ucate your internal team include a phase in your strategy dicat to ucating your internal social mia team on your industry’s regulations and your own social mia guidelines. If your team members understand what compliance looks like. They will be far less likely to accidentally post something that may get you in trouble. Hootsuite can make this easier. Too. Amplify. Our employee advocacy platform. Allows content admins to push a steady stream of pre-approve. Curate content that your employees can share to their own social accounts.

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Amplifier’s a great way to extend your organization’s reach while rucing risk with on-brand. Compliant content. An illustrat graphic of an employee checking their phone and discovering 5 new organization-approve articles to share via hootsuite amplify book your free demo of amplify by hootsuite. 

Have a social media governance business lead policy in place. A social mia governance policy lays out the rules of engagement for all employees. This can be a document outlining all of the ‘nes to know’ for your content creators. It should align with your guidelines for email. Text. And all other communications with clients and the public. Your governance policy will help you operate within your industry’s regulations.

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Since social mia management is part of the company’s overall security and compliance policies. The chief information officer and chief risk officer may be involv in creating your social mia governance policy. Hootsuite can even partner with you to deliver custom social mia governance training for your employees. 

Bonus: download a free bundle of News US social mia tools design specifically for financial services including post ideas and templates for social mia policies. Strategies. And reports. Incorporate social de&i social mia advertising is a great equalizer. Especially for those in the financial sector. You’re not limit by area code. Event invitations. Or any other space-driven barrier. You can reach all people of all economic statuses who have access to the platform. This means you can spearhead diversity.

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