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Platform your audience uses

If you’re creating an RSS feed yourself or have a podcast hosting service. You can test your podcast. URL to make sure the feed is also compliant with the RSS  specification. Pod base will allow you to quickly spot RSS feed problems. That could get your podcast banned from iTunes or worse. Helps you keep your podcast safe.

Hindenburg podcast Platform your  editing tool

This is a multitrack  Platform your audio editor with advanced tools. Like automatic audio leveling and Voice Profiler. Which is an automatic Dominican Republic Phone Number List equalizer that sets an for you. Based on your ideal sound, every time a new episode is recorded on .  Hum and hiss in files and calculates the best way to remove them. You do not need any external hardware to access the tool. You can record the episode on Google Hangouts, , and Skype. Have you and your guest on two separate audio tracks, edit and mix them in Hindenburg.

Professional level audio optimization

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If you need a tool that improves the audio News US  quality of your podcast, you should go for . By applying machine learning, the tool allows you to adjust the audio of your podcast and customize the output files. Auphonic comprises of an adaptive leveler, which adds consistency to the volume so that the audio isn’t too loud or soft on patches.

Hosting statistics and advanced podcasts
Having a podcast is not enough.  With
, you can track metrics like the device or  to listen to your podcast, the episodes they liked the most, the demographics and geographies your podcast attracts, etc.

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