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Email Marketing: Facebook takes two steps forward Anyone who manages a Facebook page will have had the opportunity to check out some news in the Facebook Business Hub. We are referring in particular to the two new tools that replicate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes , the basis of email marketing strategies. It is worth getting to know them better because they can respond to the needs of small companies and freelancers, i.e. those who, for professional reasons, find themselves managing a medium-small sized contact database. Facebook

Contact Center : this is a free tool, integrated into

The Facebook Business page, which allows you Denmark WhatsApp Number Data to manage users’ contact information. In practice, it is possible to use the contacts present in the personal database and those acquired through Facebook Leads campaigns, or Facebook forms, for new engagement objectives. For example, creating a custom audience and ‘Look Alike’, i.e. targeted with the campaign; or even setting follow-up reminders and adding notes to contact cards etc. Facebook page newsletter :

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After having confirmed your email address and

Having manually entered the ‘address book’ of contacts, you must Philippines Whatsapp Number List accept the terms of use and certify that each email contact has previously given explicit authorization to be reached by promotional messages via post electronics. Then you can proceed to create the campaign through newsletters from Facebook Business, exactly like for any other CRM and email marketing software : with subject, content and list of recipients. It is worth underlining that the address from which the newsletter comes is : it is therefore not possible to use the email associated with the user profile, the one used during the log in.

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