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What is marketing segmentation

To segment, as the name implies, is to select, to divide. Thus, in digital marketing, it is understood how to divide your target audience, from groups with which your business has more identification. Therefore, the idea of ​​segmentation in digital marketing is to recognize these smaller groups and categorize them. Thus, with this method, it is possible to know more about your goals, desires and pains of each group of people. This path is the most viable for your company to build an identification between the public and your brand. Naturally, increasing the chances of sales.

The importance of segmentation

We can say that marketing segmentation is a way to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your audience. Thus, with this approach, you will acquire ownership over the preferences, needs and desires of your niche. The focus of marketing segmentation is to create target audiences with common interests, habits, or characteristics. For this, it seeks to understand each action, comment, interaction on platforms and social media to understand the needs Azerbaijan Mobile Number List of this public and be able to meet them. Therefore, market segmentation is an important tool for any type of company. And among the benefits are: better understanding your audience, building customer loyalty, optimizing resources, reducing sales time and being assertive in campaigns.

Types of Marketing Segmentation

Demographic segmentation is one of the most common tools in digital marketing to define a target audience. This segmentation works objectively, that is, with more generic data such as age, gender, family size, income, occupation, religion, race, education level and nationality. Behavioral marketing segmentation, as the name suggests, divides the population News US based on their behavior. Thus, we can extract as an example of behavioral segmentation the marketing that is focused on commemorative dates. For example, in the month of May, purchasing patterns differ from the month in which Children’s Day is celebrated. In this way, the segmentation follows the behavior of the market for each specific date, thereby setting up its strategy based on the consumption profile of each commemorative date.

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