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How to Buy a Holiday Home in Edmonton

Plaintiff’s Attorney Participation Alimony Child support is the money paid by the parent who does not have the right to custody to the parent who has the right to custody, in cases such as divorce. This alimony means participation in the expenses incurred for the child’s care, education and protection, in proportion to his/her ability. What is participation alimony? Participation alimony is alimony given in favor of joint children against the spouse whose custody is not given to him. Participation is the financial participation of parents in raising the child. Both spouses are held responsible for the expenses and development of the children.

With the divorce decision, the judge also decides which spouse

Will have custody of the joint children. Participatory France Telegram Number Data alimony is awarded for the spouse whose custody is not given to him. It should be noted that alimony can be awarded together with the divorce case, or it can be ordered in a separate alimony case after the divorce case . What does participation alimony mean? What participation alimony means is explained in accordance with the provision of TMK 182. In accordance with this provision, the participation of the spouse, who is not given custody, in the child’s care and education expenses in proportion to his.  Economic capacity is alimony.

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It should also be noted that

The alimony given to the child during the divorce phase Italy Email List is precautionary alimony. This precautionary alimony will be called participation alimony after the divorce . The issues mentioned by the legislator as maintenance and training expenses can be counted as follows; Food Expenses, Clothing Expenses, Housing .  Expenses, Health expenses, Recreational Expenses, Education and Training Expenses, Allowance Expenses, Transportation Expenses. As can be seen, the legislator drew a broad perspective when talking about care and education expenses and allowed the determination of child support according to the child’s needs.

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