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How the Metaverse Impacts Social Media

In the second half of 2021, Facebook announced the goal of becoming a metaverse company. For this, the company intends to invest around US$10 billion. In addition to changing the name of the group, which involves other social networks , to Meta. Thus, several doubts arose about this concept, unknown by many. Therefore, in today’s article we will talk about what metaverse is and how it can affect social networks and Digital Marketing as we know it. With augmented reality we bring some digital items to the real environment. This function became quite popular a few years ago with the Pokémon GO game. In this game it was possible to see Pokémon monsters in our world through the camera of our cell phones.

What is Metaverse

In summary, the metaverse is a digital universe that simulates a reality parallel to ours. Thus, this term is used to indicate a new digital world, which tries to recreate reality in a virtual way through devices, virtual and augmented reality. This term was first mentioned in Neal Stephenson’s book Snow Crash in 1992. But this theme has also been present in fiction for quite some time. Therefore, overall, it represents the idea of ​​a virtual world, similar to ours. As a shared Benin Mobile Number List parallel reality where people are represented by digital avatars. In this way, the user has access to a total immersion experience, where it is possible to interact and even do business. One of the main features of the metaverse is the game setting. Thus, users enter other worlds and interact with other people.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Metaverse

As with all new ideas, the metaverse also has its advantages and disadvantages. This new concept intends to offer an entirely new learning environment. With this, teachers will be able to interact better with their students, in addition to supervising them in a simpler way. In this way, distance classes become much more productive and efficient. In addition, fun can also happen even from a distance. As we saw during the pandemic, people were forced to maintain a certain social distance News US from each other, so with the metaverse, this distance would be much more fun. Finally, the metaverse also intends to benefit corporate meetings of large companies. In this way, working from home office would be something far beyond what we have today. That is, it would be more interactive and realistic. In other words, he gives us a new reality.

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