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 How does inbound marketing work? We have seen what inbound marketing is and how it differs from outbound, but what does it consist of on a practical level? Well, this presents a cycle essentially made up of 4 phases: To attract; Convert; Close; Delight. “Attracting” means attracting people potentially interested in the products and services offered to the company, with quality content designed to naturally intercept their needs and desires. “Convert” means turning users into leads , acquiring their contact information in exchange for a valuable resource.

The third phase, the one called “closing

Refers to the actual sale. To transform a Turkey WhatsApp Number Data contact into a customer it is necessary to establish a long-lasting and personalized relationship, i.e. tailor-made around the specific needs of the individual customer. An effective inbound marketing strategy , however, continues beyond the single sale. “Delighting” the customer means, in fact, continuing to offer them personalized valuable content and resolving any problems promptly and completely. By doing so it will be easier to sell him other products or services and encourage him to recommend the company to his network of contacts. Do you want to expand your boundaries?

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Make yourself known throughout

Europe with Europages! FIND HOW Enter Turkey Telegram Number Europages FIND HOW What are the best inbound marketing strategies for B2B So how to set up a good B2B inbound marketing strategy ? The essential element in B2B sales is undoubtedly trust, especially because customers in this sector stand out for a more rational approach to purchasing, not to mention that the decision-making process often includes more than one person. What fuels trust is authority and credibility.

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