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For more advanced podcasters there are powerful

With the release of the latest full transcriptions and hosting + listener metrics suite, you eliminate the added costs and frustrations of using multiple software to create your podcast. A place to create your podcasts from AZ. Get started with a free trial.
Price: $26/month and up. Available on any PC/Mac with Chrome browser.

Podcast Voicemail  For more advanced  with Transcription

Allows you to collect voice messages from your podcast listeners (questions, , comments, and more) to share as content on your shows to better understand your audience.

You can choose your Tel bee voice  Cyprus Phone Number List recorder link and share it in episodes and show notes, on any social media platform, via email and on your website. It works in any For more advanced  browser: desktop, mobile and in the app. So you can bring together the voices of all your communities and respond. To build reation ships and promote sharing.
It’s also very easy to use, with automatic so you can read messages and a visual editor that gives you plenty of opions to customize your voice recorders.  like a multi-user inbox, audio bitrate selection, split screen for sharing interview questions, and the option to upload audio instead of recording live.

Tel bee has a free plan that includes transcription

Phone Number List,

Lots of customization options, and multiple  News US  languages. Paid plans start at $13.50/mo for unlimited use, plus features and additional users.
Self-hosted audio platform
is digital workstation software suitable for marketers working on tight budgets. All you have to do is get yourself a quality audio interface, plug in a microphone or keyboard, and record an audio track. Also, if you already have an audio file, import it from your hard drive.

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