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Facebook Ads: what to know to define the advertising budget

Facebook AdsToday advertising on Facebook is necessary to push users to visit your store. Here’s everything you need to know to establish an optimal budget for your business. Published on October 10, 2020 Alt text When preparing to use Facebook Ads for the first time, the main doubt is the same for everyone: what is the budget to use for advertising on Facebook? Good question to which, most of the time, there is no clear answer. Every blog article on the topic as well as every expert will answer you in only one way: it depends.

And it really depends; It depends on many aspects that need to be analyzed carefully

Defining a Facebook Ads budget is an evaluation Brazil Phone Number Data that considers Facebook Adsvarious factors, from the sector to which you belong to the buyer personas you want to target. Not to mention the type of campaign you want to set up: there is the one created to get more likes on the page, the one that aims to increase leads through landing pages, the one that aims to move people to e-commerce. Each campaign is unique and requires different considerations to define its budget. Create the best campaigns on Facebook and Instagram FIND HOW Low cost or high investment: which strategy to choose? The first question to ask yourself: what sector do I operate in? Auctions for Facebook ads: how do they work?

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CPM and CPC: what are they

E-commerce: what Belgium Phone Number List Facebook Ads budget toset? Lead generation: a lower expense Brand awareness: what budget for Facebook Ads? Conclusion Low cost or high investment: which strategy to choose? When evaluating whether to spend a little money or invest a large sum of money in advertising on Facebook, you must start from an assumption: without a strategy you cannot obtain satisfactory results. At the basis of good advertising on Facebook Ads there is always strategy. Therefore abandon any idea of ‚Äč‚Äčsponsoring a one-off post , you will not receive any type of result in return.

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