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Why we use the internet The Internet is now a trusted companion, it is used daily, for several hours and to carry out all kinds of actions. Here are the three activities preferred by web users.  Inform yourself and look for news (73%) find inspiration (67.4%) search for guides, tutorials and how-tos (60.7%) Voice assistants are increasingly being used for searches. Furthermore, around 1 in 3 . Users searches for information on brands, products and . Services and does so, not only through search engines , but increasingly through social platforms.

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Image recognition tools and 29% rely on the Brazil Telegram Number Data web to translate to and from other languages. Social media: how much and why we use them An overview of the use of social networks cannot be missing . Where users continue to grow ( +5.4% compared to 2020 ) but which also record less time spent online. There are more than 43 million Italians who use social media, 71.6% of the national population,

Telegram Number Data

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Hours a day. But why do users use social platforms .  Here are the Brazil Email List top 5 reasons: Create your online advertising campaign or rely on our experts FIND HOW Create your online advertising campaigns FIND HOW Stay updated on the events of the day (48%) Stay in touch with friends and family (46.8%) Spending their free time (46

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