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Condos Are The Wave Of The Future In Urban Living

Eviction of 10-Year Tenant The legislature has given the lessor the right to evict the tenant for 10 years . Eviction is the right to remove the tenant. In accordance with the provisions of the TCO, .  the lessor may terminate the lease agreement without any justification at the end of the 10-year extension period . An extended 10-year lease agreement is a provision in favor .  Of the landlord in case of eviction. Can a landlord evict a tenant of 10 years?

In accordance with the provision of Article 347 of the

Turkish Code of Obligations, the lessor may evict the Indonesia Telegram Number Data tenant if the following conditions are met. Therefore,  At the end of the ten-year extension period, Provided that notification is made at least .  Three months before the end of each extension year following this period, The contract may be terminated without giving any reason. Therefore,  The legislature has given landlords an opportunity to evict tenants of 10 years . What needs to be taken into consideration here is that the notification must be made in writing and .  The 10-year extension period must be calculated.

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How long does a tenant eviction

Case that has exceeded 10 years take? At the end Philippine Email List of the 10-year extension period, the tenant may not leave despite the notification. An eviction lawsuit must be filed against the tenant who does not evacuate at the end of 10 years. The answer to the question of how long it takes to evict a tenant of 10 years will vary depending on the court density where the property is located. Additionally, if an application is made to the court of appeal, this also extends the period. To give an average time for a real estate in Istanbul, it can be said that the case will be concluded between 1.5 and 3 years.

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