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Condo Manager Tip Collection Follow-up

No other payment can be charged to the tenant other than the rent amount and side expenses. Agreements that stipulate penalties for not paying the rent on time or stipulate that subsequent rents will become due are invalid. The right not to accept a raise of more than 25% without a court decision, in accordance with the temporary law article extended as of July 1, 2023. Also, what are the tenant rights according to the circumstances of the concrete case? The answer to the question will vary. As mentioned above, the tenant’s rights can be very diverse. Tenant rights were preserved as in 2022, with an increase limit imposed in 2023.

Can the Landlord Evict the Tenant

After the 1-Year Lease Agreement Ends? In fixed-term Japan Telegram Number Data lease agreements, terminating the agreement at the end of the term is a right granted only to the tenant. For example; When the 1-year lease agreement ends, the lessor; The tenant cannot be told to vacate the house or workplace as the period has expired. However, an eviction lawsuit can be filed due to necessity within 1 month after the end of the contract. Can the Landlord Evict the Tenant? It is possible for the landlord to evict the tenant before the 10-year extension period if there is a justified reason. Justifiable reasons for evacuation can be listed as follows. Eviction Due to the Lessor’s Need for the Leased Property

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Tenant’s careless treatment of the house

Eviction Due to New Owner’s Need .  Evacuation Due to Thailand Email List Reconstruction and Reconstruction Evacuation Based on Evacuation Commitment Eviction .  Due to Two Delayed Rent and Two Justified Warnings for Non-Payment of the Rental Fee.  Eviction Because the Tenant or His Spouse Owns a House in the Same Location If these situations exist.  The tenant may be evicted as a result of an eviction lawsuit. In what cases cannot the landlord evict the tenant? For the landlord to evict the tenant without cause, a 10-year extension period is required from the start of the contract.

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