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How has e-commerce changed after Covid? Here is the Netcomm data

Consumers buy online more often and prefer digital payments and contactless deliveries: here’s what the photograph taken by the Netcomm Consortium tells us Published on 08 October 2020 Alt text The health emergency has had a significant impact on the purchasing habits of Italians. In particular, during isolation at home, many consumers relied on e-commerce for the first time , while others began to use it more frequently and also for purchases other than usual, such as food and household products. and personal care.

E-commerce thus became

habit that continued even after the end  of Hong Kong Phone Number Data the quarantine. The Netcomm consortium , in collaboration with NetStyle and Tuttofood Milano, took a snapshot of the use of e-commerce in Italy during and after the Covid emergency and presented the data at the Netcomm Forum Live. The picture refers to the last 12 months and highlights a real boom in online shopping . The frequency of purchases increases exponentially and consumers tend to prefer contactless deliveries. But that’s not all: we see percentages, trends and data that emerge from the report. Post Covid e-commerce: an overview E-commerce:

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Problems of small sellers

Demanding but satisfied consumers Hong Kong Phone Number List Digital payments and contactless deliveries Post Covid e-commerce: an overview Among the most important data from the Netcomm survey , the frequency of online purchases stands out, which has increased by 79% in the last 12 months . Digital is being chosen more and more often and this shows that e -commerce is gradually becoming a habit for many Italian consumers. At the same time, online transactions increased by 15.4% with a +7% during the three months of Quarantine.

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