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Buckley Classique Singapore

Reminders : Send email reminders the day before and the day of the event. Virtual Event Guide – Create a guide that outlines how to join the event, summarizes sessions/tracks, explains interactive features like chat and polls, and provides a reminder of the event hashtag. After creating advertising and email campaigns to spread your virtual fair, you will also need to create a “place” where the user can receive more information and register for the event. Landing page and exclusive promotions In addition to social tools, even for virtual fairs you can focus on the functionality of a landing page for the event you want to promote.

A well-optimized page can convince

Visitors and provide them with more Vietnam Phone Number Data information, so that they decide to register. To create a perfect landing page , here are five steps to follow: Attractive title : focus exclusively on the main objective, avoiding turns of phrase and complex sentences Quality : List all the benefits clearly and concisely, perhaps in the form of a bulleted or numbered list . A list consisting of 3-5 points should be sufficient Objective :

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Provide all the information the user needs clearly

Along a linear and unambiguous path. You need to Brazil Whatsapp Number List focus on a single objective, without trying to address multiple recipients at the same time Form : simplicity counts here too. The bottom line is to get as much information as possible about the new lead, but at the same time not be too pushy. We need to find the right balance by inserting mandatory and optional fields , so as to leave the user the choice on the type of relationship to establish with the company. Image or video : Avoid banal and mainstream images.

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