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 Micro site and landing page, what are the differences? As regards the distinction between micro site and landing page .  The differences have to do with the object of the promotion. Micro sites, in fact, serve to promote services or products that are not directly connected with one’s.  Business: the typical case is that of the creation of contents that are related to .  Themes that are popular on social networks , so that around these themes create marketing buzz . Also for this reason, when the objectives of the buzz marketing strategy are deemed to have .  Been achieved, or simply when the campaign ends, the micro sites are almost always removed .

Micro site, the main advantages

Micro sites allow you to achieve objectives South Africa Phone Number Data characterized  by a higher level of complexity than landing pages: the latter simply serve to sell a product, or in any case to achieve a single result; the micro site, on the other hand, can be considered as an extension of the logic and characteristics of a landing page . Create the website of your dreams with our experts FIND HOW It addresses a certain topic and develops all its details. Obviously there is also a difference between a micro site and a main site developed with WordPress or other

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CMS, which usually makes a company known from all

Points of view and generalizes the contents . In Taiwan Phone Number List summary, for a micro site the advantages are evident especially when it comes to .  Cromoting products for a short or very short period of time. Micro site, what makes it so useful Almost always characterized by a short duration, micro sites are those to which you are redirected when you click on an advertising banner . Consequently, they allow you to learn more about the characteristics, contents and promotions of a specific advertising campaign with Google Ads or other platforms.

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